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The latest version of the format conversion tool (Ver.5) is now available
April 27 2021 Published in
Format conversion tool Ver.5, which supports SHIKISAI(GCOM-C) products, is now available.
This tool can convert SHIKISAI(GCOM-C) products of HDF5 format available from G-Portal to GeoTIFF files with geospatial information attached.

1. Please download the tool from the web page of G-Portal below.
 Top > Tools/documents > General > Earth Observation Data Conversion Tool
  [ https://gportal.jaxa.jp/gpr/information/tool ]

2. Supported products
 L2 NWLR, IWPR, SST, LTOA(01D), RSRF(01D), LST(01D), CLFG(01D)
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