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G-Portal is a portal system allowing users to search, and download products acquired by JAXA’s Earth observation satellite.
User registration is required to download products from G-Portal.

box2.pngSearch by geophysical quantities

Corresponding products are searchable from various geophysical quantities (precipitation, snow depth, vegetation, ocean color, etc.) classified by atmosphere, cryosphere, terrestrial, and ocean groups.
Physical quantities are shown in the following list. They may be changed corresponding to the spacecraft operation.
Group 1Group 2Group 3
AtmospherePrecipitationAmount of Precipitation
Precipitation Classification
Particle Size Distribution
CloudCloud Mask/Classification/Flag
Cloud Phase
Cloud Partical Effective Radius/Shape
Cloud Liquid Water Content/Cloud Ice Water Content
Elements Of Cloud Top (Temperature/Atmospheric Pressure/Attitude)
Classified Cloud Fraction
Water Cloud Optical Thickness
Ice Cloud Optical Thickness
Cloud Extinction Coefficient
Doppler Velocity
Water VaporIntegrated Water Vapor
Radiation BalanceLatent Heating Profiles
Heating Ratio (Short Wave/Long Wave)
Radiation Flux
AerosolAerosol Type
Aerosol Optical Thickness
Aerosol Particle Radius
Aerosol Extinction Coefficient
Single Scattering Albedo
RadianceTop of Atmosphere Radiance
Atmospheric Corrected ReflectanceAtmospheric Corrected Radiance/Reflectance
CryosphereSea IceSea Ice Concentration
Snow And Sea Ice Covered Area
Snow Grain Size
Sea Ice Surface Temperature
Snow PackSnow Depth
Snow Grain Size
Snow And Sea Ice Covered Area
Snow And Ice Surface Temperature
Group 1Group 2Group 3
TerrestrialSnow PackSnow Depth
Snow Grain Size
Snow Covered Area
Land-Surface Temperature
Soil MoistureSoil Moisture
Radiance/ReflectanceAtmospherically Corrected Land Surface Reflectance
VegetationVegetation Parameters
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
Enhanced Vegetation Index
Shadow Index
Fraction Of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Leaf Area Index
Above-Ground Biomass
Vegetation Roughness Index
RadianceTop of Atmosphere Radiance
OceanSea Surface TemperatureSea Surface Temperature
Sea Surface WindSea Surface Wind Speed
Ocean ColorNormalized Water Leaving Radiance
Atmospheric Correction Parameters
Chlorophyll-a Concentration
Colored Dissolved Organic Matter
Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Suspended Solid Concentration
OthersRadiance/Brightness TemperatureBrightness Temperature
Radar/LiderCalibrated Received Power
Radar Reflectivity Facter
Doppler Velocity
Surface Scattering Cross Section(σ0)
Geometric InformationDepolarization Ratio
Environment AuxiliaryLider Ratio
Geometric InformationGeometric Information
Environment AuxiliaryEnvironment Auxiliary
Not ApplicableNot Applicable

box2.pngSearch by spacecraft / sensors.

When you search for a specific product, you can filter the search by spacecraft ⇒ sensor ⇒ (processing level, etc.) ⇒ product.
Detailed criteria, such as quality, can also be set by product.

box2.pngRelated documents and tool kits

Information on the product format is available from related documents. Toolkits for viewing and converting downloaded product are also available.

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