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DPR data missing information due to GPM observation suspension
March 25 2022 Published in
Product information / operation has been updated about missing DPR data information due to the suspension of GPM observation.

< March 25, 2022 Published >
GPM satellite DPR/GMI observations have resumed, and the resumption times for DPR and GMI are shown below.

DPR : Approximately 10:54, 2022/03/24 (UTC)
GMI : Approximately 14:54, 2022/03/24 (UTC)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

< March 24, 2022 Published >
Due to an anomaly in the orbit control of the GPM satellite at 13:31 (UTC) on 03/23/2022, observations are currently suspended. Observation will be resumed as soon as the recovery is complete.
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