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GCOM-W/AMSR2 SST Ver. 4.411.411 products released
April 17 2024 Published in
As announced in the "AMSR2 SST (Sea Surface Temperature) Product Minor Version", the SST products (Level 2 and Level 3) that were partially missing from 18 August to 1 September 2023 were released as SST version 4.411.411 (hereinafter referred to as "Ver. 4.11") on 25 December 2023. The "Reflection of SST Algorithm Revision to Steady State Processing" in this Announcement has been completed and the GCOM-W/AMSR2 SST (Sea Surface Temperature) Ver. 4.411.411 product has been available since 17 April 2024. The product will be available as of 17 April 2024. Please refer to the Release Note of the Product information/operation for the details of the minor version update.

<Dec 25th, 2023 Published>
Missed GCOM-W sea surface temperature products during August-September 2023 are available as version 4.411.411 products (see details in the list).
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