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Preparation status of GCOM-C/SGLI data provision
September 28 2018 Publish in


SHIKISAI (GCOM-C: Global Change Observation Mission-Climate) was successfully launched on December 23, 2017 from Tanegashima Space Center. Initial function verification of the satellite and Second Generation Global Imager (SGLI) has been completed by March 2018. JAXA is currently conducting calibration and validation of SGLI products.
SGLI products will be provided from G-Portal website in December 2018.

SGLI Sample Products

SGLI sample products for data format check are available at the following website. Please note that the precision of their physical quantity is under evaluation because calibration and validation process of these sample products hasn’t been finished.


It is possible to provide additional sample products to a user, if the user submits a report on product utilization outcomes to JAXA. Please contact the following address:
  Contact: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency G-Portal support desk
  E-mail: z-gportal-support[*]ml.jaxa.jp
             (Note) Please change [*] to @.

Related Documents and Guidance

The following documents will be posted.
- GCOM-C Data Users Handbook
- SGLI Level 1 Product Format Specification
- SGLI Higher Level Product Format Specification
- GCOM-C Data Provision Policy

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