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Download failure of multiple product files by Zip/Tar archive
September 18 2019 Published in
"Process all products selected" may fail if "Batch download (Zip or Tar)" is selected for the download method and the number of selected products exceeds some limit.

− The process fails without e-mail notification from G-Portal.
    The production status is displayed as "Preparation error" on the G-Portal web page.

− The problem is caused by insufficient system memory to handle large Zip/Tar archive.
    Please take either of the workarounds below until the problem is fixed.

    ⋅ Select smaller number of products to download with Zip/Tar archive. The limit varies
      according to the size of a single product file.

    ⋅ Select "Download individually" as the download method.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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