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Drift Ice in the Okhotsk Sea
January 21 2019 Publish in
Sea Ice
In Hokkaido, drift ice can be seen floating across the Okhotsk Sea, which is located in the northeastern part of Japan. Drift ice season is from January to March, with its peak in February. Drift ice-watching tours start at Hokkaido.

We JAXA conduct the observation of drift ice by earth observing satellites, and you can see the latest browse images on the following site.

Fig 1. Sea ice distribution of the Okhotsk sea by GCOM-W/AMSR2.

Fig 2. Sea ice distribution of the Okhotsk sea by GCOM-C/SGLI.

The scenery of drift ice is attracted people. On the other hand, it might be caused a marine accident. The Japan Coast Guard 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters opens the Ice information center, Japan and provides sea ice information from December to May every year. It is useful in helping to prevent accidents. JAXA provides the sea ice distribution images observed by the earth observing satellites to them.

Fig 3. Ice information center, Japan Coast Guard 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters

Fig 4. Sea ice condition chart
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