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[The 1st] The advantage of G-Portal
March 17 2020 Publish in
In order to promote understanding of G-Portal, articles on basic usage of G-Portal will be posted three times in the Use Cases section. The contents of the article are as follows.

 The 1st (This time): The advantage of G-Portal
 The 2nd: Let's visualize Sea Surface Temperature products
 The 3rd: Let's visualize Land Surface Temperature products

In particular, the 2nd to the 3th articles will be explained how the satellite products are used, be showed examples of how to use G-Portal, and be provided information on how to use the satellite products immediately. Please discover the advantage of G-Portal by all means.

First of all (this time), we will introduce the advantage of G-Portal.

★The Advantage No.1 − Advanced one-stop service −
 G-Portal is provided one-stop service for the satellite products observed by JAXA's Earth observation satellites. In addition, G-Portal users can obtain the satellite products free of charge by using internet access.

★The Advantage No.2 − Low cost of G-Portal usage environment −
 G-Portal is published free documents and tools to help G-Portal users use the satellite products. These tools can be used for visualizing the satellite products and analyzing them easily. Therefore, these documents and tools are helpful for promoting understanding of satellite products and using the satellite products easily.

★The Advantage No.3 − Abundant satellite products −
 The satellite products handled by G-Portal include products of JAXA’s Earth Observation satellites currently operated, as well as products of JAXA’s Earth Observation satellites operated in the past. Therefore, G-Portal users can obtain the latest status of the currently operating JAXA’s Earth Observation satellites immediately.

Table:List of operational JAXA's Earth Observation satellites on G-Portal

★The Advantage No.4 − Innovative user interface −
 Even if G-Portal users are not familiar with JAXA’s Earth Observation satellites, G-Portal can be searched by physical quantities. For example, if G-Portal users want to know the depth of snow, they can enter “Snow Depth” as a keyword and perform a search to easily find the snow depth product.

★The Advantage No.5 − Concierge service −
 G-Portal is not only focused on application system. G-Portal has G-Portal Support Desk with skilled staff. G-Portal Support Desk will respond or give advice in user inquiries clearly.

The above is a brief introduction to the advantage of G-Portal. The use of the satellite products has just begun. Ingenuity and new discoveries by users create new uses. And G-Portal is a bridge between users and the satellite products with the goal of expanding data usage. G-Portal will be contributed to the development of economic activities and the realization of the SDGs through the satellite products.

 As the end of this time, in order to fully use G-Portal, we will introduce the user registration procedure.

User registration procedure for G-Portal
box.png Example of use by years

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