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[The 2nd] Let's visualize Sea Surface Temperature products
March 17 2020 Publish in
 This time, we will focus on one of the satellite products "Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Products", and will introduce the usage trends and the procedure to actually visualize the SST products as an image.

 The SST products handled by G-Portal are mainly products created from GCOM-W (Shizuku) observation data and products created from GCOM-C (Shikisai) observation data. Although the two products are similar, there are two decisive differences. The first difference is a spatial resolution; GCOM-W SST products have a spatial resolution of 50km. To put it simply, sea surface temperature above 50km square can be measured. On the other hand, GCOM-C SST products have a spatial resolution of 250m. Therefore, sea surface temperature above 250m square can be measured. Compared to GCOM-W SST products, GCOM-C SST products can be measured sea surface temperature in a very small area. The second difference is that GCOM-W SST products are less affected by clouds. On the other hand, GCOM-C SST products are affected by clouds. These are due to differences in observation methods. (For more information, please refer to the Tools/Documents section).

Figure: Examples of SST product
Left figure: GCOM-W SST product (Authority:GCOM-W1”SHIZUKU” Data Users Handbook
Right figure: GCOM-C SST product (Authority:JAXA/EORC GCOM-C site

 Global SST products are created from GCOM-W and GCOM-C and JAXA cooperates with domestic and overseas research institutions to contribute to solving global issues such as water cycle change and climate change. In addition to these scientific uses, efforts to utilize SST products for fishing ground search have been attracted attention in late years. (For more information, please refer to the Use Cases section "Case Studies ? Fishery demonstrated by GCOM").Why is such an approach attracting attention? Fishing ground search relied heavily on the experience and intuition of fishermen until now. Introducing information from the satellite products, it is expected to further improve the efficiency of fishing ground search, which may lead to higher catches and fuel savings for fishing boats.

 This time, for GCOM-W SST products, we will introduce the products search and the products download and visualizing the SST products as an image by GCOM-W1 user tool.

How to visualize Sea Surface Temperature products
box.png Example of use by years

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