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[The 3rd] Let's visualize Land Surface Temperature products
March 17 2020 Publish in
 This time, we will focus on one of the satellite products "Land Surface Temperature (LST) Products", and will introduce the usage applicability and the procedure to actually visualize the LST products as an image.

 The LST products currently provided by G-Portal are products created from the observation data of GCOM-C (Shikisai). Since there are various features (roads, buildings, vegetation, etc.) on the land surface, even if it is illuminated by the sun in the same way, it shows different the land surface temperature due to the difference in radiation characteristics of each. The abnormal temperatures in urban areas during the summer, which have been continuing for several years, are also affected by these land uses. Therefore, it is expected that it will be important from the viewpoint of urban engineering to observe the land surface temperature over wide areas.

Figure: An example of GCOM-C LST product
(Authority: JAXA/EORC "Seen from Space"site)

 Global LST products with 250m spatial resolution are created from GCOM-C observation data and JAXA cooperates with domestic and overseas research institutions to contribute to solving global issues such as climate change. In addition to these scientific uses, efforts to utilize LST products for yield estimation of crops and volcano monitoring have been attracted attention in late years.

 This time, for GCOM-C LST products, we will introduce the products search and the products download and visualizing the LST products as an image by SGLI user tool.

How to visualize Land Surface Temperature products
box.png Example of use by years

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