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Imaging procedure for GCOM-C (SHIKISAI) products using QGIS
June 29 2020 Publish in
Sea Surface Temperature
This time, we will introduce an example of how to read and visualize the GCOM-C (SHIKISAI) product provided from G-Portal by using "QGIS". Explanation is divided 4 documents (6 steps in total) in order to its purpose, and it is contained the procedure of change the color ramp as an appendix too.

STEP1 : Prepare 1 - Download the land data input to QGIS –
STEP2 : Prepare 2 - Convert sea surface temperature data to "GeoTIFF" format –
  Imaging procedure for GCOM-C (SHIKISAI) product by using QGIS(Step.1-2)

STEP3 : Read the data with QGIS
STEP4 : Convert pixel data (digital value) to sea surface temperature
  Imaging procedure for GCOM-C (SHIKISAI) product by using QGIS(Step.3-4)

STEP5 : Display sea surface temperature in color
STEP6 : Adjust the image and save it as your own data
  Imaging procedure for GCOM-C (SHIKISAI) product by using QGIS(Step.5-6)

(Appendix) How to change the color ramp
  Imaging procedure_for_GCOM-C(SHIKISAI)_product_by_using_QGIS(Appendix)

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